Laura Fangman

Having moved no less than 13 times in the last 18 years, Laura has a unique perspective on relocation and personal experience to balance her professional knowledge. A Midwesterner at heart, Laura was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois. She has lived in The South for the last 15+ years (though coastal locations that offer no basements still make her clutch her pearls during tornado season).

Laura is a Community Connector who works with individuals, groups and businesses, to help them make informed decisions through daily life and life’s transitions. She believes in striving for win-win situations and knows that the people around us are where our collective value lies. Laura is known for her direct approach and honest feedback, as much as her willingness to provide help and support. She became a Realtor in 2009 and has been licensed in VA, GA & TN, serving in leadership roles at the local and state level.

Here are the juicy bits you were looking for when you committed to reading this boring bio:

Laura & her family currently live in Tennessee, where she alternately prays for rain or sun, depending on the weather. This is where she and her husband -both loyal fans of The Chicago Bears- are raising two amazing children and living their American Dream. Laura played the role of “Extra,” in her high school’s production of South Pacific, despite belting out more of “Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” than anyone else in the audition. She is a certified to read blueprints and her biggest life lessons are mostly things she has learned the hard way, like: “Never buy a horse named ‘Buck’.”

Jeff Fangman

Also a Midwesterner at heart, I was born and raised in Illinois, but have lived in numerous places throughout my military career. I don’t have any pearls to clutch onto in case of a tornado but I do love inclement weather. I have lived in 7 states -and internationally- and moved more times in 27 years than I have fingers and toes. I understand the challenges and excitement associated with moving and have first-hand experience with the stresses involved.

I expect the best from the people I work with, while recognizing that everyone has different needs, strengths and weaknesses.  I spent many years as a mentor, a confidante and the guy who got things done. I will continue to be that person for you.

After travelling the world, I still find myself rooting for ‘da Bears. Laura is a fan and we’ll say the kids (maybe by force) are Bears “fans” as well. Of course, there’s no football like Vols football! I appeared in Season 3, Episode 9 of the TV series, JAG and I haven’t played Scrabble with my wife in over 15 years, since she doesn’t take kindly to losing.

I am excited to be part of your moving experience and look forward to meeting you.

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