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    Not just a weird old saying-

    It’s real. This is an old blog -using that term loosely as it amounts to a couple of sentences- from another time and place, literally & figuratively. It is one of my favorite things ever. I am pleased to present you with photographic evidence of something our grandmothers have long warned us about but, regarding its actual existence, many of…

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    …and other pre-snow commentary… Yesterday’s social media post seems to have generated a bit of activity, so I will share it here, for a wider audience to enjoy. Or not. Whatevs. ❄We stopped by the store this afternoon to pick up a few things. You know, just odds and ends that you might need in case we’re snowed in for…

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    Antique Ideas

    Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb. There, I said it, but we were all thinking it. If it was a concept with current relevance and everyone played along, it might be understandable, but this is not the case. The concept of adjusting the clocks has a contentious history, but began as a way to conserve energy. Franklin started it, Wilson ended…

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    Love Is In The Air

    Because, Saint Valentine.                                                                                    Is there anything you love more than coffee? Love is in the air, so thick you can…

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    We’re Mad At Each Other

    But, really, it’s Facebook’s fault. Here’s a giant dust bunny!! I assign chores to my children, but am terrible at consistently enforcing their completion! Yay! Long before the election, the unexpected outcome or the contentious inauguration, we were already traipsing down the path of chaos, thanks to The Zuck Behind The Curtain. How soon we forget. On the off-chance that…

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    What They Don’t Tell You About Being Brave

    Let’s be honest. It may be different than you’re expecting. brave adjective \ˈbrāv\ having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty: having or showing courage Currently, there is a consistent message coming from both the private and professional arenas: Be Brave. Have the courage to do that thing, be that person! Use your bravery to…

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    Phlebotomy and Today’s Media

    Pointlessly imagining the progression of societal change. Many vocations have a “catch phrase”. Not necessarily a motto or company policy, but an ad hoc subtitle that bluntly captures the essence of the field. In journalism, that phrase is, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Becoming a gumshoe reporter was once an exciting career prospect: finding leads, holding clandestine meetings to siphon…

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    What’s The Beef?

    Opendoor: One Realtor’s Perspective As it happens, the ability to opine is unilateral and the internet is open to all. I am no exception. To be clear, these ponderings are a result of seeing Opendoor appear more frequently in industry articles and headlines, becoming a more frequent topic of conversation and, today, appearing on stage at ICNY. I have no…

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    Who Runs the World?

    Sorry, Beyonce. The answer is simple and gender neutral. . Who runs the world? Kids. Much of our economy is, in some form or fashion, driven by real estate. Not necessarily the standard buy/sell transaction, but the peripheral industries that are inherently tied to the process. This means everything from a family owned pest inspection company or local artisan, working…

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