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    Umm, Breakfast Time?!

    When travelling, one of my family’s favorite things to do is find a great local place to grab breakfast. We consider ourselves budding biscuit aficionados and, well, gravy is life. When we discovered that Maple Street Biscuit Company had opened in Knoxville, we all paused to count our blessings! The food is amazing, which is important for a restaurant, and…

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    Dad Magic

    The Chevelle, in its natural habitat. It’s June. This means all kinds of stuff is in store, like the last day of school, the first day of summer and, of course, Father’s Day. I got to thinking about Dad stuff the other day, as I was driving with my oldest. He said, “Hey Mom, look at that cool car!” I said,…

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    How Do I Know When To Sell?

    Well, when do you want to move? . Isn’t it great when someone answers your question, by asking another question? For so many real estate-related questions, there are no definite answers. We know what we want the transactional outcome to be, we know how much we’d like to net from a sale or pay for a purchase, we’ve heard that…

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    Is It Time to ReEvaluate?

    6 Consumer Types Who Would Benefit From Opendoor “Hi, I’m Jay. I’m with Zillow, don’t be hatin’.” This is how Jay Thompson, Social Media Manager for Zillow Group, introduced himself at a conference, recently. A laid-back, unassuming guy, Jay had worn a blue t-shirt with the company name across the back and we joked that he’d have been just as…

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    It’s Spring! Now What?

    Flowers and Bunnies and Sunshine, Oh My! We’ve been waiting for this since October: It’s Spring. The weather is improving and we’re already adding eggshells and coffee grounds to our derelict compost bins, whilst planning out our organic, raised-bed, backyard kale gardens, made from reclaimed barn wood and spruced up with chalk paint that was sourced from sustainable chalk fields…

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    Not just a weird old saying-

    It’s real. This is an old blog -using that term loosely as it amounts to a couple of sentences- from another time and place, literally & figuratively. It is one of my favorite things ever. I am pleased to present you with photographic evidence of something our grandmothers have long warned us about but, regarding its actual existence, many of…

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    …and other pre-snow commentary… Yesterday’s social media post seems to have generated a bit of activity, so I will share it here, for a wider audience to enjoy. Or not. Whatevs. ❄We stopped by the store this afternoon to pick up a few things. You know, just odds and ends that you might need in case we’re snowed in for…

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    Antique Ideas

    Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb. There, I said it, but we were all thinking it. If it was a concept with current relevance and everyone played along, it might be understandable, but this is not the case. The concept of adjusting the clocks has a contentious history, but began as a way to conserve energy. Franklin started it, Wilson ended…

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    Love Is In The Air

    Because, Saint Valentine.                                                                                    Is there anything you love more than coffee? Love is in the air, so thick you can…

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