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    Food Focus

      As I began searching for a theme for this year’s blogs, I remembered a fun little calendar that the good folks at Bite Squad sent me. Each month has a clever food pun and the food-related national holidays are listed in the squares. This seemed great, at first blush: I like food, I like blogging and I like Bite Squad. A Realtor, building a year’s worth of blogging on a foundation of obscure, foodie holidays? I could be on to something. Speaking of Bite Squad, have you used the service yet? They bring you food from restaurants that don’t deliver and you can do the whole thing online. If…

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    Oh Look, It’s Christmas Time

    Handmade presents are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time. -Douglas Coupland   Has the frenzy begun at your house? This time of year is such a mixed bag. It’s the excitement and anticipation of the season, the baking and decorating, the seasonal beverages, caroling and family time. It is also the melancholy of missing those who are too far away to share the time with you, or those who have passed on, the stress of the holiday schedule and the futility of coming up with The Perfect Gift for someone. For those celebrating this season, there is hardly a moment to dwell on the pros…

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    Hangin’ on to Summer

    By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And Autumn’s best of cheer. -Helen Hunt Jackson   I’m still hanging on to summer; not quite ready to give it up, just yet.   September is definitely one of those odd, transitional months. The temperatures could swing from the middle of July to the beginning of November. The kids are back in school and libraries, restaurants and playgrounds are oddly quiet, after the chaos of summer vacation. Everyone’s focus has turned to checking off boxes on the school supply list and trying to adapt to an earlier bedtime, even while the argument could be made…

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    The Dog Days of Summer

    How many legs does a dog have, if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg. -Abraham Lincoln The dog days of summer have arrived. In preparing for this month’s blog post, I was looking up quotes that referenced the “Dog Days” and the above-quoted thought caught my attention. I mean, one of history’s greatest presidents bringing the sass to a conversation is entertaining enough, but I’d love to have been there for that chat.                     Beyond that, the widespread application for this little gem, is something of which to…

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    Dad Magic

    The Chevelle, in its natural habitat. It’s June. This means all kinds of stuff is in store, like the last day of school, the first day of summer and, of course, Father’s Day. I got to thinking about Dad stuff the other day, as I was driving with my oldest. He said, “Hey Mom, look at that cool car!” I said, “Yep, looks like a Chevelle. That’s a nice one.” Quizzical amazement passed across his face as he asked how I knew so much about different types of cars. Apparently, my ability to identify something he hadn’t seen before makes me an expert. I told him, “I don’t know, I guess…

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    How Do I Know When To Sell?

    Well, when do you want to move? . Isn’t it great when someone answers your question, by asking another question? For so many real estate-related questions, there are no definite answers. We know what we want the transactional outcome to be, we know how much we’d like to net from a sale or pay for a purchase, we’ve heard that summer is the best time for real estate… but those things are negotiable or, at least, debatable. I spend quite a bit of time discussing variables with clients. Theorizing potential list dates based on historical data and ball-parking numbers right up to the last minute, just in case there is…

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    We’re Mad At Each Other

    But, really, it’s Facebook’s fault. Here’s a giant dust bunny!! I assign chores to my children, but am terrible at consistently enforcing their completion! Yay! Long before the election, the unexpected outcome or the contentious inauguration, we were already traipsing down the path of chaos, thanks to The Zuck Behind The Curtain. How soon we forget. On the off-chance that this theory holds even a drop of water, I’ll share a recent rant and a plan for action. TL;DR: I’ve gone off the deep end & blame Facebook for our current socio-political climate & vow revenge, in the mommest way possible. So, here’s what’s up, Facebook. We had a deal.…

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