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    The How

    A follow up to “Where to Begin? Business Planning 2017” Be unique… just like everybody else. Believe it or not, there’s some truth to that first line. The twist is, you have to be unique the longest. When it comes to implementing your How, you could do the exact same thing as 50 other people, but if you do that thing consistently, you’ll come out ahead. We are notoriously bad at follow-through and, even though the Good Idea Fairy visits us all from time to time, it’s the Gnome of Consistency, plodding along, that gets the results. For many of us, the How -as in, “How am I going to…

  • Community, Life, Local, Seasons

    The What

    As a follow up to “Where to Begin? Business Planning 2017” . Stop daydreaming and start doing. Have you ever gone through the process of finding your “Why”? This important, but incredibly over-used tactic, is often employed at sales conferences and company meetings to motivate employees and give them a feeling of deeper purpose about their jobs. The majority of people will stop at, “My kids” or “Get Out of Debt” as their Why, without putting much thought into it. Others will get so wrapped up in finding the “right answer” or the deepest meaning, that they never really benefit from the exercise. Are kids and debt important? Absolutely! Is…

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