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The 5G rollout has been an issue in our community for some time, however, many of our residents are just becoming aware of it, due to local news coverage. Please know that our representatives at the local, state and national levels are working for change but government moves very slowly. Right now, there are laws in place that tie the hands of the Town of Farragut, so we are hopeful that the assistance from higher levels of government works out favorably.

In times like these, we are reminded of why it is important to be active in our communities and our local government. 

The meeting dates for our local board and planning commission are available on the ToF website and most meetings reserve a time for public comment. Please review the guidelines for speaking during the sessions and, if possible, do some research and prepare your thoughts, in advance, as each speaker is only allotted a few minutes, each.

Additionally, you can sign up to have the meeting agendas emailed to you, so that you are current on previous meeting minutes and have an idea of what the upcoming meeting will address.

While the installation of towers will have to remain, legally, in the right-of-way, many residents seem to be unaware that this will extend into what they view as their front yard. Keeping homeowner’s private property rights at the front of this conversation remains of significant importance. 

For more information about the FCC ruling at the crux of this debate, click here:

We will provide links to relevant information as it becomes available. If you would like to request a yard sign, (subject to availability) feel free to click the button below and we will deliver one to your home ASAP. ** If you live outside of Farragut, please fill out the form and we will contact you to arrange pickup.

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As we’ve mentioned, our local government is working FOR us to find solutions. Vice Mayor Povlin explained recently that, although plans from Verizon show Sweet Briar as a target for this phase of the 5G rollout, the permits for the Sweet Briar towers have not been submitted to the Town of Farragut and our hope is that the display of community solidarity AGAINST those towers might work toward a change of plans. No permits = no towers, which is our goal. 

To see the email communication from the Vice Mayor to the Sweet Briar homeowners, please click the button below. Her email contains a detailed explanation of how we came to be in this position and includes references to the legal actions that have taken place so far. 

We encourage you to review this credible information and be informed about what is -and isn’t- happening in our area.

View Email Here

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Posted by The Mission Team, Knoxville on Thursday, February 20, 2020

5G In The News

Verizon Expansion Plans

House Bill 2150 was reviewed by the Utilities subcommittee today, (3/4/2020), in Nashville

A special meeting of the Town of Farragut’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen was called for on 3/3/2020, to show support for the bills introduced in Nashville, by our representatives. Our leaders at all levels are responding to our community’s request for action. Click here to view the meeting agenda and proposed resolution.

Representative Contact Information

Congressman Tim Burchett:
Washington DC Office
1122 Longworth Washington, DC 20515
Knoxville Office
800 Market St, Suite 110 Knoxville, TN 37902

District 7 (Part of Knox County) Tennessee State Senator Richard Briggs:
Nashville Office
425 5th Avenue North Suite 770 Nashville, TN 37243
District Office
11631 Lanesborough Way #913 Knoxville, TN 37934

District 14 (Part of Knox County) State Representative Jason Zachary:
Nashville Office
425 5th Avenue North Suite 616 Nashville, TN 37243
District Address 11726 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37934

Farragut City Contact Information

11408 Municipal Center Dr, Farragut, TN

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams:

Farragut Vice Mayor Louise Povlin (Ward 1):

North Ward (Ward 1) Alderman Scott Meyer:

South Ward (Ward 2) Alderman Ron Pinchok:

South Ward (Ward 2) Alderman Drew Burnette:

Town Administrator David Smoak:

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