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The Juggle Is Real – Coronavirus

Right now is a lot.

It just is.

Eventually, it’ll be less, but we gotta get by until then.

Every member of the family is impacted and we’re all finding our way through it; some of us, with the grace of a ballerina and some of us with the grace of a baby giraffe in a tutu, but we’re getting there. Tomorrow starts a new week and new opportunities to try, try again.

Moms are at the epicenter. We always are.

This is nothing new really, it’s all the same things we normally do, we’re used to juggling craziness. It’s just that we have to do all of those things at the exact same time and every single one of ’em is cranked up to 11. You may have only practiced juggling two balls, or maybe three, and now you’re juggling all the balls, at the same time, plus 3 bowling pins, and a volunteer from the audience is about to toss in a running chainsaw.

You may feel overwhelmed, which is perfectly normal, considering all of this IS overwhelming.

You feel the pressure to think up educational craft projects and be prepared for snack time and get plenty of exercise, because, Self Care. (Starting off on a run is fine, it’s the realization that you have to go back that can be a drag.)

All the hygiene lessons that you so diligently taught your brood have shown themselves to be worthless and now you’re singing rounds of Baby Shark, to try to teach a middle-schooler how to wash their hands.

You’re now working from home, with varying degrees of success, thanks to children and pets who want food and attention and activities. You’re still expected to do the work and meet the deadlines, though. You’re also staring down the barrel of “what’s for dinner” and you can’t remember if you took the wet laundry out of the washer, yesterday.

Sleep. LOL.

You’ve heard allll the stories and excuses and tattles, which are of utmost importance to your new “co-workers.” They don’t really understand the ramifications of our current experience.

No school, sure, but the connections and experiences of school reach much farther than the classroom; prom, sports, field trips, graduation… some folks are missing pre-planned vacations, a once in a lifetime trip, weddings are falling apart…

The people in your house likely do not realize your heart is breaking for them and all the life events each person is missing. Did YOU even realize that your heart is breaking?

There are a LOT of emotions right now and the ones you’re showing may be different than the ones you’re really feeling. it might be good for you to sit with your feelings for a minute -maybe on a potty break, maybe in the 4 seconds of quiet while someone is chewing their spaghetti-os -make that time a priority. Know where your head is.

This is stressful, in different ways, for absolutely everyone. Even the dads.

Facts: We’re quarantined. It’s stressful. There are unknowns.

Ask for help when you need it. Offer support when you can.

Breathe with your belly. Breathe before you speak. Breathe.

Right now is a lot.

The juggle is real.

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