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Love Is In The Air

Because, Saint Valentine.

                                                                                   Is there anything you love more than coffee?

Love is in the air, so thick you can almost smell it. (If it weren’t for the icicles that form on your nose hairs every time you inhale outdoors.) That lovey-dovey feeling, when we think about all the things (we can put little heart stickers on) and people we adore (eating boxes of chocolates with), makes Valentine’s Day sort of like an extra Thanksgiving! This is good, because with the low temperature, short days and grey scenery, we need all the love and thankfulness we can get, to hold us over until Spring arrives!

Believe it or not, there are LOTS of things to love right now, like:

You can still see George Strait in concert! I happen to love this. He’s retired from touring, but the cowboy didn’t ride away completely. George Strait has multiple dates added to sold out shows in Las Vegas, so get out there while you can!

Historically low interest rates! Cheap money is always loveable. Yes, The Fed raised rates in December and has promised to do it again, but mortgage interest rates are still absurdly low. If you haven’t made a purchase or finished your refinance, now’s the time. I know if can be painful to think about rates rising but this, as they say, is the “good kind” of pain. Our economy needs the boost for long-term viability and, at this point, you really won’t notice the difference. Take the opportunity to love this while there is still time.

Staying in your bathrobe is cool! Who wouldn’t love that?! According to Elle.com, when exploring the cutting edge of fashion, staying in your bathrobe is now the way to go. Skeptical? Check it out here. Some of us were fashionably ahead of our time on this one and some of us should check with HR, for clarification on the company’s dress code, before taking this new trend beyond the boundary of the weekend.

This could be your year to buy a house! You can find one to fall in love with, as soon as you have your finances locked down. If a down payment is what’s holding you back, there’s more good news! Several mortgage programs now offer down payment grants, like this one from the Virginia Housing Development Authority. There are also loan programs that require no down payment at all, in certain circumstances. Don’t assume you can’t buy; getting in touch with a trusted mortgage loan officer is the very best way to get started.

Time flies! This one is more of a love/hate. In three short months, it’ll be summer vacation! The kids will be out of school and it will be time to relax, slow the pace, and spend time together. All the time. All day, every day, together. Bonus good news: three months later, the kids will be back in school and life will return to it’s regularly scheduled program.

This could be your year to sell your house! You might love this idea by the end of the summer! There’s a chance that, after spending all that time at home with the kids, you now realize how small your house is. This could be the time to make a move. Don’t worry if it took you until Fall to realize you needed to expand your home base. With rare exception, there really is never a bad time to sell your home. Believe it or not, lots of moves take place during the school year; you can find an expanded look at why, here.

To round out the list of things to love, our friends at Veterans United (Hi Glenn!) put together a great article on reasons you should love your Realtor. (You can read it here.) All of the points listed are spot on!

Love is in the air, so breathe deep and charge on. Summer’s coming.

Do you have a love story? What do you love about today, this time of year, or life in general? Feel free to share with us in the comments! ❤

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