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The HGTV Effect

One of my very favorite stories to tell when I’m teaching new agents about working with buyers, is the one about the client who was so caught up in the home-buying process that she was basically starring in her very own (imaginary) reality tv show. 

She was a first time home buyer, which is a pretty big deal, and she had fully immersed herself in the experience. For her, this included a pretty solid HGTV addiction and she knew all the buzz words and phrases -“we’ll just blow out this wall,” “it’s got good bones” and, of course, “shiplap.” 

The short version is, at the very first property we toured, she waved her arm around in an expansive gesture that rivaled anything I’ve ever seen from Vanna White and exclaimed, “Look at all this room for entertaining!”

We were standing in the living room of a very standard, 1973 split foyer.

The 1008 square feet of that property, in which common areas compete with 3 bedrooms and that signature, central stairwell, were built for efficiency, not entertaining. However, her comment speaks to one thing we all need: space.

Some of us are expanding, some of us have more than we need, but we all desire to have some of our own. Our own little corner of the universe. 

Now that some of the chaos around summer breaks and back to school has died down, maybe it’s time to focus on your space. Does it still serve your needs? Do you need more or less? Is it simply time for a change? 

Maybe a different aesthetic approach would breathe new life into your abode, or maybe you need a whole new address. You have plenty of options. 

If you are perfectly happy in your space and have just the right amount of room for entertaining, please keep in mind that National Guacamole Day is September 16th. If that isn’t reason to gather friends, in your space, I don’t know what is. 

In any event, feel free to reach out if I can be of help. I’m happy to provide information and answer questions, if a move might be in your future and, if not, I like guacamole as much as anyone. 😉


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