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Out With the Old

…but what will you do with the New?

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

-Steve Jobs

Welcome to 2018.

As we move into the unknowns before us, be it with trepidation or optimism, there is almost always a tinge of fear. The turning of the page can signify lots of things and often comes with pressure for change. Change is hard. Change brings a chorus of What-Ifs. Change can make us very uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s the pressure of a New Year’s resolution, making you worry that you won’t stick to the changes and will look foolish in front of everyone. It might be the new date brings you that much closer to a life-changing event and you know things will never be the same, once it arrives. Maybe it’s as simple as the passage of time and the emphasis on your own mortality.

When you rise on the morning of January 1, it will be just another day but, symbolically, it can weigh heavily on your mind and on your heart.

In the midst of this, we must remember that change can also be amazing.

By opening ourselves up to possibilities, we increase the likelihood of success. By savoring the anticipation of the adventures to come, we meet our life events at the peak of our senses and emotions. By enjoying each day for what it is -and not what it could have been- we make the highest and best use of the time we are given.

One of my best takeaways from 2017 is: Things are things.

Books are books, trinkets are trinkets, houses are sticks and stones; all are replaceable.

Time, however, is what you make it.

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