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It’s Spring! Now What?

Flowers and Bunnies and Sunshine, Oh My!

We’ve been waiting for this since October: It’s Spring. The weather is improving and we’re already adding eggshells and coffee grounds to our derelict compost bins, whilst planning out our organic, raised-bed, backyard kale gardens, made from reclaimed barn wood and spruced up with chalk paint that was sourced from sustainable chalk fields in well-paying, sub-industrial countries.

This year, we’ll master the pepper jelly recipe that looked so simple in the magazine we thumbed through while waiting for 37 minutes for a kid with pink eye to be triaged at the urgent care. (Psht, urgent, my two-toned duck boot bottoms.) We’ll pop that successfully gelatinous, semi-translucent sludge into adorable pint jars decorated with modern-yet-whimsical cloth scraps. Of course, the “scraps” actually came from the premium fabric, for which we paid $17/yard, (because it was exactly like the Pinterest photo) and it was manually “distressed” at home with pinking shears, to give it that shabby-chic feel. The perfectly topped jars will be adorned with matching gift tags, tied with twine, and stacked in adorable wire basket, all ready for hand delivery.

This will be the defining moment, when we finally leap over the ever-higher bar that we’ve set for ourselves and proclaim that we have done it! We finally have our collective act together! We’re responsible adults! Upstanding citizens! Betty Flipping Crocker!

We’re jolted back to reality by the sound of the refrigerator beeping, indicating someone has exceeded the reasonable browsing time and needs to close the door before the milk spoils. The indecisive snacker has inadvertently saved the day, as we realize that we have 15 minutes to load up and head out or we’ll be late for this weekend’s PeeWee soccer match. Oh, and it’s our turn to bring juice boxes.

On our way to the car, we cast a glance through the patio doors at the remnants of last year’s adventure in gardening and hope the pumpkin carcass that was scooped off the porch and thrown on top of the potted dirt, might accidentally sprout something. The kids would really enjoy seeing nature in action. Plus, there must be some kind of neighborhood status elevation for recycled, backyard pumpkin farming, right? We say a little prayer that the HOA doesn’t notice the jungle of vines that’s sure to develop and start yelling for everyone to find their shoes…

It’s Spring; a time for growth and hope. Let this be the season where we take a deep breath and enjoy all that is blossoming around us! Do you want your own adventure, living the dream? Give me a call, let’s talk houses.

I. Wish.

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