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Wildflowers, as a song, isn’t the rockin’ good time we best know Tom Petty for, but that difference is what makes it special. A simple melody that almost reaches a Dylan-esque feel, as it works its way through a very “Peace & Love” vibe.

Truly, this song was made for February, a month that is such a dramatic blend of extremes; it’s the dreariest time of year, in desperate need of some warm, cheerful thoughts, and it’s the month of love and romance, thanks to Valentine’s Day. 

What could be more romantic than a bunch of flowers? Wildflowers, in this particular instance, picked just for you. Imagine, that bright field of color, overflowing with flowers of different shapes and sizes, each with a unique, sweet scent. Visualizing it just makes you feel warmer, doesn’t it? Those wildflowers are there for you to admire or stroll through …or belong in. 

Let’s stick with that “belong” part, for a moment, shall we? As Tom goes through his song, he thinks of plenty of lovely places that the object of his affection might enjoy but, toward the end, he grounds the suggestions with something simpler. 

“You belong in that home, by and by”

He suggests she “sail away” and “run away,” and encourages all manner of experience, but reminds her of Home, a place she belongs, eventually.

First, what a wonderful wish for someone, that they have the opportunity to explore and try new things and truly live their life, but always with the knowledge that there is a Home, waiting, when they’re ready.

Secondly, think of how powerful that concept of Home is.

Where you can be yourself. 

Where you can relax. 

Where you are cared for. 

Where you belong.

Though we all have different ideas of what Home is -which is more than okay, it’s wonderful- it’s exciting to discover that you get to decide or develop a sense for what makes something “home” for you. Is it a style? A location? A scent? A color? Could it be anywhere, as long as you’re with your people? 

At different phases of life, Home can be temporary; a lease instead of a mortgage doesn’t make someplace less “home.” In other phases, you invest in yourself and your future, by putting down roots and building equity. Down the line, your needs may change and you use that stockpiled wealth as the vehicle to carry you into the next iteration of Home. 

If your current living situation doesn’t reflect those concepts, above, maybe you’re not home yet, but at a stop along the way. I’m very glad to tell you that you’ll get there, “by and by.” The transition can be tough, but exciting, and I look forward to walking you through it.

If your idea of home is changing or evolving, let me know. I’d love to help you find the place that makes you feel “you belong,” 

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