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Hangin’ on to Summer

By all these lovely tokens

September days are here,

With summer’s best of weather

And Autumn’s best of cheer.

-Helen Hunt Jackson


I’m still hanging on to summer; not quite ready to give it up, just yet.


September is definitely one of those odd, transitional months. The temperatures could swing from the middle of July to the beginning of November. The kids are back in school and libraries, restaurants and playgrounds are oddly quiet, after the chaos of summer vacation.

Everyone’s focus has turned to checking off boxes on the school supply list and trying to adapt to an earlier bedtime, even while the argument could be made that it’s still daytime outside. Whether this is the season of getting used to new schedules or getting back in the saddle with old ones, there is generally some adjustment to be made.

In light of all this activity, it should come as no surprise that the action in the real estate world slows down. Considerably.

Even having experienced this phenomenon year after year, noticing that something is pumping the brakes, after what is generally a hot and heavy summer run, can be disconcerting. This holds especially true for those who experienced the “market correction” a few years ago.

After a few deep breaths and a glance at the calendar, everything generally makes predictable sense. The last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September is a time in which few people are thinking about buying or selling real estate, much less actively looking.

Make no mistake, the show most certainly goes on and those who have been hunting over the summer may be on their way to the closing table during this time. Not only that, but it might be a great time for a well-qualified buyer to hop off the fence and make a move. There are still homes for sale and the competition is preoccupied with finding the last black-and-white-speckled composition notebook in the tri-state area. Here’s a list of things to consider if buying is on your radar. If you are ready to jump, here’s a good place to land.

If selling is on the agenda for Fall, this is a great opportunity to do some final preparation and have pictures taken for marketing pieces, especially since the benefit of green lawns and full trees hasn’t gone away. It’s hard to make a house look appealing with naked trees out front, so make the best use of the time at hand and be sure to reach out, with questions.

Even in the lull, there is opportunity.

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