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Stone Soup

Welcome to 2019! This year’s theme is:



    We are off and running, in the new year, but I wanted to take a moment to pause and check in with you. This is the time of year when we’re trying to get our collective acts together in order to accomplish those Big, Audacious Goals we’ve been quietly planning.

    It can be daunting, for sure. Have you summoned the nerve to say your goal out loud, yet? Remember, if it doesn’t scare you, it probably isn’t big enough!

     When I first started planning goals for 2019, I was afraid mine were too small. I quickly realized that they’re almost overwhelming, considering the layers I’m adding and the time each will take, to be done well. I’m planning to increase the number of people I can help buy or sell a home by 50%, increase the number of training engagements I lead by 100% and support a different charitable cause each month. That’s a steep hill, I’ve committed to climb! Plus, climbing by yourself can get lonely and it’s easy to veer off course, so, for our 2019 goals, I have two “asks” for you

  • Tell me yours.

Really! I would love to know what your BIGGEST goal is, for 2019. Add your carrot to the soup. Now, chances are, you’ve got it covered, but maybe I can help. Maybe I can’t help, but I know someone who can. Maybe I don’t know anything now, but I meet someone along the way who could boost you over the finish line! I could connect you! If all else fails, you’ll have an accountability partner for the year, to keep you moving in the right direction:2. I’ll tell you mine

  • I’ll tell you mine.

I already know that I’ll need help to hit my goals for this year. I also know that, on average, everyone knows approximately 5 people who move, each year. I’m asking you to please think of me, when that conversation comes up. Give your friend, coworker, neighbor, cousin, guy-at-church, my number. I would love the opportunity to make sure they are well taken care of.  Does the person you know live somewhere else? Have them call me anyway! After a decade of real estate, I’ve got some pretty great connections all over the country and I’d love to make sure your person gets the benefit of an awesome Realtor, not just stuck calling a random number on a yard sign.

     The potential and possibility, wrapped up in this new year, is amazing to think about. 2018 was obviously exciting for us, but tumultuous, nonetheless, and I cannot wait to see our preparation and foundational work begin to unfold into new business opportunities and great friendships. I truly believe we can do more together than any of us could do on our own. Are you with me?

Send me an email with your big, audacious goal, or post it on social media, using #StoneSoup.




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