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Food Focus


As I began searching for a theme for this year’s blogs, I remembered a fun little calendar that the good folks at Bite Squad sent me. Each month has a clever food pun and the food-related national holidays are listed in the squares. This seemed great, at first blush: I like food, I like blogging and I like Bite Squad.

A Realtor, building a year’s worth of blogging on a foundation of obscure, foodie holidays? I could be on to something.

Speaking of Bite Squad, have you used the service yet? They bring you food from restaurants that don’t deliver and you can do the whole thing online. If you’re a person who gets up and looks out the door, then closes it and goes back to bed because it’s just too people-y outside, this is the service for you. Also, they appear to be fairly organized and even have matching hats. It’s cool.

Now, real-estate-client-people, this is not meant to replace your favorite pizza guy, or the tradition of having pizza delivered, while you are in the process of moving into -or out of- your home. That experience is basically a rite of passage, which should remain unchanged. Sitting on the floor, eating pizza, while looking around and contemplating a combination of “wow, this is really happening” and “what did we get ourselves into,” is an experience I truly hope everyone has, at some point.

Pro Tip: if you ask nicely, lots of times those delivery drivers will even bring plates & napkins.

Always ask for napkins, even if you don’t think you need them. You probably do.

When was the last time you used a cardboard box as a makeshift table?

If it’s time to move, let’s plan some time to get together and talk. I’d love to help you and, hey, I’ll spring for pizza.

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