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You should be. March 23rd is National Chips & Dip Day.

To clarify, when I think of chips and dip, I’m not talking about fried tortilla bits and runny garden smush (though that combo has a time and place, for sure!). I’m talking about crispy-thin slices of golden potato, lowered into a creamy blend of dairy and a particular selection of spices.

Potato chips and French Onion dip.

Specifically, Prairie Farms French Onion Dip.

If you’ve had it, you know what I mean. Growing up, absolutely nothing else would do and everyone knew it. PF’s dip is distinct and far superior to any other brand, off-brand, or store-brand. It was a staple from BBQs to baby showers. If there were chips, in my little Midwestern town, there would be Prairie Farms French Onion dip.

Then we moved.

Turns out, you can’t get PF products in coast North Carolina, or most anywhere else we’ve lived –I know, because I checked. I called, I emailed, I asked nicely, I offered to start a petition, but business is business and they were unable to work through a model that would support the financial feasibility of expanding their product footprint. In other words, they told me “no.”

It was the first of many culture shocks and stark realizations I would have, over the next 18 years. We moved fairly often and each transition came with its own pros and cons. Fortunately, I had kind relatives, back in the Midwest, who would package containers of PFFOD in boxes, with dry ice, and overnight it to me.

I’m not even kidding.

Over time, we learned to roll with the changes that moving brings and made the most of our transient lifestyle. We found a runner-up, “I guess this’ll hafta do” dip and ended up raising children who had only heard of the legend of Prairie Farms in bedtime stories. We did the best we could.

Then, our last move turned everything around. We chose Tennessee for all kinds of reasons –it’s amazing– but one thing we never considered was the proximity to the Midwest and the fact that WE NOW HAD ACCESS TO PRAIRIE FARMS PRODUCTS!

There was much joy and shouting and facetiming and selfies were taken with plastic tubs of dip and sent, mercilessly, to less fortunate family members, who still lived outside the radius of reason. It was the fluffiest icing on the delectable cake, that is Knoxville.

We can get milk, too. Plain, skim, 2%, strawberry, chocolate, gallon, half-gallon, pint, box or jug… we got it all. I know you’re probably thinking, “Eh, I can understand having a thing for a particular dip, but milk is milk.” … except it’s not.









Compare this amazing specimen of Prairie Farms milk with this “other” milk we were subjected to, in our last location. The other milk has clearly gone bad. It’s not worth the risk.

So now, edging our way toward a nice, even, 20 moves, we think we’re settled. Thank goodness it’s in a civilized place with all the comforts our hearts desire. This otherwise insignificant story is just one of the quirky little things that come to mind, when I think of the changes and sacrifices and pros and cons and unexpected adventures that come with moving.

When I tell clients, “I know what it’s like,” I really do; those little things are a big deal, when your whole life is changing. Whether you (or someone you know!) are staying local, or moving across the country, I’m here to help. Maybe you’re ready to go or maybe you just have questions- give me a call.

For us, after all these years, on March 23rd, we’ll be celebrating National Chips & Dip Day, in style.


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