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Prayer on a Plate

It’s finally here. The last blog post of 2019. In keeping with the Food-Holiday Theme, I’ve got the arguable best saved for last. 

Ladies and Gentlemen: It is my distinct pleasure to announce to the unaware, that Saturday, the 14th of December, is National Biscuits and Gravy Day!

More words seem really unnecessary, in the wake of such an announcement, and yet, I’ll continue.

Biscuits and Gravy isn’t just a food, I would argue it’s a culture. A feeling. It’s an old reliable meal; the answer when you’ve gotta feed a crowd, quick! It’s what you can pull together out of the couple things left in the pantry and it’s a great way to stretch a budget. It’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is comfort and kindness and sustenance and hugs and warmth and prayer … on a plate.

Everybody knows it.

Whenever we travel, I look for little hole-in-the-wall places or spots that cater to the biscuits & gravy enthusiast, so I can have the most well-rounded experience. I’ve never been disappointed. 

One thing that I’ve noticed most biscuit places have in common, is marketing. It’s not fancy and there’s not a lot of extra stuff involved, in fact, it’s downright simple, in most cases.  

All of my marketing friends are gasping.
I know, it takes a LOT of time and talent to make something look simple. Simple doesn’t mean easy, but it sure can mean “effective.”

Biscuit stores don’t make you guess, they make you fed.

That’s exactly what I want our friends, family and clients to experience during a real estate transaction. Not “fed,” necessarily, but that straightforward simplicity. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes in a real estate transaction and my hope is that, for my clients, it’s relatively simple. Rest assured, getting to closing day won’t necessarily be easy, but experience coupled with genuine care leads to effective representation. 

It takes time and talent to make something look simple.

Who do you know that I could help?

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PS: click on the images above, to learn more about some of our favorite biscuit stops!

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