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Something For Everyone

Q: A vegan, a crossfitter and an atheist walk into a bar; how can you tell which is which?

A: Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

It’s really interesting, how many different types of people we have on our tiny planet. In some instances, you may never know of the interests or inclinations of your neighbor. In other cases, people feel so strongly about their convictions and life paths that they want everyone to know about the amazing benefits of their decisions and terrible consequences of ignoring their warnings. 

Different strokes for different folks, you know? It keeps life interesting. 

For example, it may interest you to know that November 1st is World Vegan Day. A niche market, if ever there was one and, while it’s not my jam, there are tons of folks out there who are glad to be seen, to fellowship with those of similar mindsets and to introduce others to what they’ve learned on their paths.

Knoxville actually held a festival, last month, to celebrate this group. The Scruffy City Vegan Fest aims to, among other things, “promote the growing vegan scene in East Tennessee. “

Missed it? No worries: check out their website for info on next year’s event and, in the meantime, treat yourself to an Impossible Burger, to get a taste of the vegan experience!

I’ve gotta be honest, I’d make a terrible vegan. Forget actual meat for a second –cheese alone would get me kicked out of the club! However, I know this about myself and I don’t try to pretend I’m anything but an amazing omnivore. 

Kinda like with real estate. There are certain areas that will just never be my thing and places I can shine.

For instance: I reallllly don’t like selling condos. Can I do it? Sure.  But it makes me crazy and cranky and I know, for a fact, that there are some amazing agents out there who can provide a far better experience in a condo situation. 

I refer business to those agents. It’s important to me that my people have the best possible experience, even if that means they work with someone else, to get it.

On the other hand, if you’re relocating to or from another area, we will connect on a higher level. Buying a house is much more than sticks and stones and mortgage applications and I’ve walked a mile in those shoes. 

There are plenty of niche markets in real estate. Some of them are right up my alley and some just aren’t; I’d rather be really good at some things than just okay-ish at everything. A big part of what I do is recognizing the difference and making sure that everyone is helped by the best professional for the job. 

Who do you know that could benefit from working with someone who holds their best interests as a top priority? If I can’t help, I’m certain I know someone who can. Reach out; let’s talk. 

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