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A Teacher, A Realtor and An OBGYN Walk Into…

Whether you’re an obstetrician or a third grade teacher or a real estate agent, you know when you’re doing good work. You’re passionate about it.

-Susan Isaacs

It’s May! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever and yet it got here really fast! Hooray for the month that swimming pools open and people remember their dormant love affair with all things grilled!

This month is always very exciting for me. I’ve been to several real estate events already this year, but May is when the National Association of Realtors comes to Washington DC for the annual Mid-Year Conference. (Technically, it’s not called Mid-Year, but that’s another story.) Thanks to it taking place in my proverbial backyard, I have been able to attend every year!

Mid-Year is a legislative conference; it introduces members of our industry to the people and places where laws are passed and changes are made. As the largest trade organization in the country, Realtors know they have an obligation to effect change and they work hard at it. Getting face to face with the folks in Washington is just one of many ways we work for you.

One of the concepts I’ve tried to encourage the understanding of is that real estate is more than selling houses. In fact, I truly don’t sell anything. By the time a buyer gets to me, they’ve already decided they’re buying a house -I don’t have to convince them to do it. My job is to help them make the best possible decision, with the most advantageous terms and, frankly, sometimes I’m the person that tells them not to do it. If a homeowner decides that selling their property is the next step, it’s up to me to showcase their property in it’s best light and make it appealing and available to the largest possible pool of buyers. I’m an advisor, a voice of reason, an inside expert on the process, but not a salesman.

I’m also passionate about it. Real estate as a whole. I love looking at houses; the style & structure, the decorating, the layouts and use of space. I love negotiating contracts; working with another professional to find agreement and the terms that help everyone walk away content. I love the marketing; whether it’s myself or a property, I love finding new ways to reach new audiences and get their attention.

I also love the politics.





Yep, the politics, and boy there are plenty at every level of the business! If consumers can’t afford to buy houses, I’m out of a job, so it’s important that I answer calls to action and let my elected officials know what I think about an issue, prior to a vote. It’s important to invest in our political action committee so that we can support candidates who understand the importance of homeownership in our country. It’s important to meet and greet and shake hands and attend meetings and be present, because it lets our elected official know that someone is watching and that someone cares.

It’s so much #morethanhouses.

So, that’s where I’ll be, later this month. Networking with like-minded business leaders from across the country and making sure that there is security in the American Dream. Then, it’s back to the grind, not-selling homes. Let me know if you need me.

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