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Halftime Report – How You Doin’?

If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.

-James Cameron

This is the 6th month. The end of the second quarter. The home stretch of the first half. How you doin’?

Now is a great time to reevaluate your goals for yourself, your family and/or your business. Are you tracking your progress? Have you looked at your resolutions or goals or plans since you thought them up in January? Are you 12 lbs away from your goal of losing 10 lbs?





Great news: No matter your answer, it’s ok. Every day is an opportunity to regroup and try, try again. Seriously, there is no law that requires you to begin your quest for excellence on January 1st. Or next week. Or on Monday. Just pick up where you are and work toward something better.

Are you on target for a goal-crushing year? Are you seeing the fruits of your labor and dedication and effort? Are you learning lessons and adapting and overcoming? Way to go! It takes tremendous effort to stick to a plan, but don’t rest on your laurels, just yet. The old Tortoise vs. Hare tale has some truth buried in it.

The variable nature of my business leaves me scrambling to determine if I’m keeping pace with my plans. At a micro level, I’m currently a smidge behind. At a macro level, I am right on target. However, “on target” isn’t the same as “crushing it,” and that’s kinda boring. Time to refocus, regroup and get ready to nail the second half!

Keep your eyes on the prize.


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